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Who are we?

Rising from the ashes of 2020,  Hauora Wellbeing Studio was born. 

Hauora Wellbeing Studio is a fitness and wellness hub, based in the heart of Auckland CBD. At Hauora, we believe that health isn't defined by an individuals' performance or fitness level, but their overall connection to their body, mind, relationships and awareness of self. With this in mind, we founded the studio as a safe space for members to embark on the hīkoi of reconnection and reclamation.

'Hauora' is a word derived from the Māori holistic health model, 'Te Whare Tapa Whā' relating to personal wellbeing developed by Mason Durie. The concept of 'hauora' relates to four key principles; physical wellbeing (taha tinana), emotional wellbeing (taha hinengaro), social wellbeing (taha whānau) and spiritual wellbeing (taha wairua). Each pillar of an individual's hauora must be in balance for strength and stability of one's health.

At Hauora Wellbeing Studio, we offer a variety of classes, educational workshops, individualised training, nutrition guidance and health coaching to help our whānau nurture the four pillars of their hauora. 



The principle of community. Forming deep and meaningful connections with others, through shared experiences, working together and creating a sense of belonging.



The principle of absolute love. The showing of affection, sympathy, compassion and empathy for oneself and others.  



The principle of oneness. Standing in unity, supporting the community and raising one another up.