Welcome to our all inclusive workshop where all levels are welcome! Whether it be your first steps on your handstand journey or perfecting your somersaults we are here to help. This will be an awesome opportunity to immerse yourself with like minded people, have an awesome workout and learn a whole bunch of little tips, tricks and skills to take you to the next level. The workshop will be 3 hours inclusive of handstands, tumbling and flexibility with plenty of time to socialise, have some Kai and most importantly be upside down! Spaces are limited so get in quick!


Saturday 03.07

11.00 am - 2 pm 

(tickets available for whole or parts of the event) 

45 min Tumbling 

45 min Stretching 

45 min Handstands 

30 min Free Play

(work on anything)


(There will be breaks when needed)  


We will be working on an air mat/track

- Roll - Dive roll - Handstand to roll - roll to handstand - Front/Back walkover (standing to standing + sitting to standing) - Cartwheel - Round off - Front handspring - 

--- We can help with back handspring and back tuck technique but please let us know prior to the event what level you are at. ----


Splits, bridges and Needles 


- How to start from zero - Holding - Balancing - Walking - Technique work

Free Play: 

You can work on anything we worked on during the worksop or ask us to help you with anything else you have dreamed up.  


Dark Clouds

WHO we are

Tara is an ex artistic gymnast who represented New Zealand through 2012-2015. With qualifications in artistic, tumbling and teamgym she is ready to help anyone who is keen. Living in Europe the past three years has given her a whole new range of knowledge and passion for the sports through her experiences. 


I believe that coaching is a two way street. Each person I coach not only gets the opportunity to learn and grow but so do I. And that is an amazing thing!


Aleks started doing gymnastics when she turned 18 years old and therefore believes that there is no better time to start than NOW. We will never be younger than we are today.  

It was while doing gymnastics in Denmark that she found her passion for coaching and decided to pursue it full time. 


Since that time Aleks has trained pole sport, circus arts (straps and hand balancing)  as well as contortion. 


Some things we love to work on 

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3 hours event

+ vegan snacks

+ drinks 




Tumbling and Stretching

  (11am - 1pm)   

 + snacks and drinks



Stretching and Handstands

  (12pm - 2pm)   

 + snacks and drinks 


If you have any questions let us know :)