At Hauora, we believe that fitness isn't just about raising your heart rate. We offer a diverse range of training modalities to maximise your body's potential and help reconnect you with your hauora. Check out our class offerings below!



For all levels! Learn splits, bridges, pancakes and much more. In this class we will work on improving our range of motion by combining active and passive stretching techniques.


yin yoga

Yin Yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga, with asanas (poses) that are held for longer periods of time. This is a great class for those that struggle with sleep and stressful work environments. We believe that a strong mind-body connection is a big part of human wellbeing. This is why we encourage all our members to attend this class.


Suspension training

Develop your strength, endurance, balance and functionality! Low impact, moderate intensity, functional training. This class is based around the use of bodyweight exercises and suspension equipment.



30 minutes of WOD, followed by 30-minutes of guided stretching.

WOD stands for “Workout Of the Day” (mamahi o te rā) and encompasses a combination of conditioning, bodyweight and free weight training. Our stretching series focuses on full-body relaxation and recovery post-workout.


Weights with 

Our weightlifting class!


We will go through the fundamentals of compound lifts (Snatches, Deadlifts, Squats, Cleans & Jerks) and other complex weighted exercises to increase overall strength, boost confidence in the weight room and ensure proper form.



Hand balancing for all levels. This class is tailored to your needs; whether you are new to being upside-down or looking to fine-tune your scorpion handstand, this class caters to all.



Full bodyweight-based class, focused around improving strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination.


Extra-curricular work to improve your push-ups, pull-ups, L-sits, V-ups, muscle-ups and more!


wāhine circle

Koha Class

Wāhine Circle is all about women coming together in a safe and supportive space to connect with themselves and with other women. This class is to honour and nurture the collective power and strength of all our women.

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