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In this session we will assess your food and fluid intake, level of activity, areas of concerns and relevant medical history. We will then explore your past eating habits, motivations and deterrents of nutrition and exercise, and goals for the future to build a holistic awareness of how best we can support you. 


By the end of the session, we will have collectively come up with a handful of takeaways to begin implementing within your current eating regime. 

Our approach to nutrition is education-based, focused around giving you all the tools you need to create sustainable and healthy lifestyle changes for improved quality of life, health and performance.

What we cover:

- Sports/Performance-based Nutrition 

- Health issues

- Women's Health

- Family Health

- Fat loss for healthy BMI

Following the consultation, we will book you in for a 15-minute follow-up session free of charge to check-in. Additional consultations, full nutrition programme prescriptions and accountability check-ins can be purchased through the MindBody App. 

*You get out what you put in! To get the most out of this, we recommend that you bring along a food diary for 2 weekdays, and 1 weekend day for critical analysis.