Why does Personal Training cost so much?

When you first began your fitness journey, you probably looked into getting a Personal Trainer to show you the ropes. Some of you may have bit the bullet, others may have looked at the price and died a little inside knowing you’d be giving away a 2-course meal for two each session.

If you didn’t already know, an hour of personal training in Auckland costs between $50-$80 and $32-40 per half hour session. Naturally, the more you pay the more experience your PT has under their belt (or so you’d hope!).

If you’re curious, the average hourly wage in New Zealand is at an all-time high of $34.55 as of January 2021. The average hourly wage is ever-increasing, so congratulations if you recently got a pay-rise! Unfortunately however for those under the average hourly wage, you’re looking at giving up 2-3 hours of your wages to afford an hour of PT a week.

To add insult to injury, 1 PT session a week is rarely enough to stay fit and active… so in order to sustain a ‘healthy lifestyle’ you’re looking at a minimum of 2-3 PT sessions a week, or 1 PT session and a gym membership on top of that. At the very minimum, you are looking at $100 per week, and a maximum of $160.

So now let’s get into it… what are the variables?


More years in the industry equates to more experience, and thus more $$$! The average lifespan of a newly qualified PT is 6 months… which goes to show how hard it is to make it in the fitness industry.

Most full-time PT’s commit to CPD (continued personal development) which *surprise surprise* costs money. If you’re looking for a knowledgeable and reputable PT, they have to make up these costs through their clients!


If you’re familiar with the industry, you’ll know that most PT’s are contractors which mean they are not an employee of the gym they work in. Because of this, gym’s charge a weekly fee or ‘rent’. Depending on the size and location of the gym, this can range from $175-$250 per week for the use of the gym’s facilities.


In New Zealand, it is general practice for PT’s to register with REPs (Registered Exercise Professionals) which provides ongoing support, CPD opportunities and insurance. REPs charges between $69-$412 in fees per year, depending on the level of registration and whether the individual is based out of a registered REPs facility.


As mentioned before, most PT’s are contractors which mean they are self-employed and essentially run their own business. Being an entrepreneur has it’s downfalls… especially when it comes to managing your own accounts and filing your taxes. Count your blessings if your employer manages your taxes on your behalf… lord is it a time consuming and painful process!


As the expression goes, “time is money”! Not only is your PT taking an hour out of their day to train you, they are also accounting for travel time (and expenses), alongside the time taken to carefully programme your sessions based on your goals and needs.

And lastly… Additional Costs

To keep this blog short and sweet, here’s a brief summary of the last few variables you probably didn’t even think about!

  • Internet and power – We all have to pay it, and boy does it suck.

  • Website development and maintenance – Whether you outsource, or develop your website yourself, these things take time and a fair bit of dosh!

  • Marketing and advertising – Just like running any other business, money needs to be set aside to run advertising to attract new clients. Even in bigger gyms with more potential clientele, the requirement to effectively market yourself is a must in order to stand out against your competition!

  • Office supplies and equipment – Mundane I know, but alas, your PT probably uses a pen or printer every so often.

  • Online coaching and/or video platform fees – During the pandemic, PT’s had to adapt to the lack of client-facing sessions and therefore, online coaching has boomed! As the pandemic is still ongoing, most PT’s have implemented online coaching into their day-to-day lives to keep their business alive in the event of another Lockdown!

In summary, being a PT is hard work! But that doesn’t mean it has to be unaffordable.

So what can we offer you?

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