Kids Parkour & Gymnastic Tumbling Classes

As of Term One 2022, we will be starting our youth parkour, gymnastic and tumbling classes! 

These classes are designed to be fun, challenging and engaging for your tāmariki. Our focus at Hauora is to provide a safe space for your child to grow in confidence and physical ability, all whilst having fun and making friends! 

During our sessions, we will be encouraging spatial awareness, risk assessment and effective movement patterns to build solid physical foundations. Our nurturing approach, provided by our experienced tāmariki coaches, ensure your child has the freedom to develop their movement in a safe and engaging environment. 

A message to our parents:

The days of waiting in the car are over! We have a luxurious lounging foyer, equipped with comfortable sofas, Wi-Fi and Nespresso coffee to keep you entertained whilst your child explores the power of movement.



Ages 6-11 Years

Kids Freestyle Parkour & Tumbling:

In these classes, we use a combination of parkour precision, movement flow, gymnastic flips and awesome tricks to keep your child engaged and wanting more! We cater to all abilities; be it creating solid foundations to build upon, or perfecting the backward somersault. 

Our focus is instilling full body awareness and coordination, whilst building mental strength and inspiring a passion for movement... all whilst having fun! 

Ages 3-5 Years

preschool freestyle movement:

These sessions are all about nurturing and developing fundamental movement patterns in our tāmariki. We focus on areas such as climbing, swinging, jumping and social games to build confidence to explore movement in a safe and fun learning environment! 

To your little one, this is all just playtime! but to us and you as caregivers, these sessions are about introducing social concepts (patience whilst waiting your turn, spatial awareness of others and developing invaluable listening skills for their future development).


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